End-User License Agreement of the Zigbang HOME IoT Service

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this agreement is to specify basic matters relating to the rights and obligations of the
Company and the Users of the Zigbang HOME IoT Service

Article 2 (Terms and Definitions)
For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms and definitions apply:
1 The term “Zigbang HOME IoT Service” (hereinafter, the “Service”) means the service in which
Devices installed at the homes of the Users and the Application are interfaced with each other,
such functions include device control, access to history, and viewing of condition are provided; and
any additional services relating to the Service. The details of the Service shall be as specified in
Article 4.
2 The term “Device” means any Home Hub(Wallpad or IoT Hub) to which the Service can be
However, the scope of the Devices to which the Service can apply is subject to changes
depending on future circumstances of the Company.
③ The term “sHOME Application” means the application that is installed on Users’ smartphones for
using the Service.
④ The term “Company” means Zigbang., which provides the Service. However, third parties
designated by the Company may fulfill the obligations of the Company hereunder or become
beneficiaries hereunder.
⑤ The term “User” means a person who uses the Service.
⑥ The term “Administrator” means a person who operates and manages the Service.

Article 3 (Application of the Agreement)
① The Company shall post the contents hereof on the Application so that the Users can easily
understand them.
② Any changes in this Agreement shall be notified on the Application or by e-mail.

Article 4 (Contents of the Service)
① The contents of the Service that can be used by the Users are as follows:
1. Home safety service : A service that provides an emergency notification with an application
of a registered "user" when an "device" installed in the house detects intrusion (door opening
detection, movement detection, etc.)
2. Device control : A service that provides with checks, controls, checks, and monitors the status of
the "device" installed in the house through the "sHOME Application" from a short distance or a long

3. Home monitoring : A service that provides various sensors and home monitoring service,
trespassing and emergency situations are detected. Information is sent to not only the security office
but also your Smartphone.
4. Visitor call: When connecting with deliveries or unexpected visitors, you can make video/voice
calls that connect you directly via your smartphone.
5. Other services ancillary to each of the above items and newly added related services
② The contents and scope of the Service may vary depending on countries.
③ The smartphones that are optimized for the Service are as follows:
1.Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7(Android OS 5.5~7.0)/ iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7(iOS 7 later version)
2. The Company will not take responsibility for any quality problems arising from other terminals. The
terminals that can support the Service may be subject to future changes and additions.
④ The software that is utilized for the Service by the Users can be updated from time to time for the
Users to download and install. The Users shall consent to the downloading and installation of such
updates as a part of the Service use. In addition, The Users shall consent that the company is able to
upgrade the User's Device firmware remotely for seamless service.
⑤ The type and contents of the Service provided by the Company may be subject to changes or
discontinuation depending on the internal policy of the Company.

Article 5 (Establishment of the Service End-User License Agreement)
① The Agreement shall be established through the consent of the Users hereto and the acceptance of
the Company of application for using the Service.
② For expressing consent hereto, the Users shall check “I consent to the purposes of the collection
and utilization of personal information” and click the “Confirm” button to apply for the use of the

Article 6 (Application for Using the Service)
① A person who wants to use the Service shall subscribe as a Service User and provide all the
information (e-mail address, mobile phone number, etc.) requested by the Company.
② Each User shall provide his/her information for using the Service. Any User who does not register
his/her true information by illegally using another person’s information or registering false information
may not claim for any rights related to the Service use and may be subjected to punishment under the
applicable laws.
③ A User may subscribe to the Service by providing his/her true information, and the Company may
verify the information registered by the User. The User shall actively cooperate with the Company to
verify the information. If the User fails to do so, the Company may consider the information registered
by the User to be false.
④ The User shall write down or enter the correct information during the application for using the
Service. The personal information of the User that is written down or entered will be considered true.

Any User that does not enter his/her true information may not benefit from legal protection and may
be subject to limitations on the Service use.
⑤ The Service shall not be provided to persons below 14 years old. Any person younger than 14
years old that wants to use the Service shall fully review and understand this Agreement with a legal
agent or a guardian. The legal agent or guardian shall fully inform him/her of the risks involved in
using the Service, and take proper protective actions.
⑥ When a User adds family accounts, the User shall take responsibility for the family members’ use of
the Service and the trueness of their information.

Article 7 (Acceptance of and Limitation on the Application for the Service)
The Company shall, as a rule, accept applications for the Service in the order of submission, unless
there is any problem in business implementation or technical issues. The Company may suspend its
acceptance in any of the following cases:
① When a User applies for the Service without providing his/her true information;
② When a User applies for the Service to impair social safety, order, and public morals;
③ When a User applies for the Service for improper purposes;
④ When a User applies for the Service to seek profit;
⑤ When a User applies for the Service in whose case the Service Agreement was canceled because
of a violation of the applicable laws or the Agreement; and
⑥ When a User applies for the Service in violation of other specified matters;

Article 8 (Starting Service Use)
① A User may start using the Service when the Company accepts his/her application. However, in the
case of some services, the User may start using them on a specified date.
② A User may use the Service by downloading and installing the Application on a smartphone
permitted by the Company. However, the composition and functions of the Application may vary
depending on the types and OSs of the smartphones that can use the Service.

Article 9 (Limited Responsibilities)
① The Company shall take responsibility only for direct damages that are incurred by the Users
because of the intention or gross fault of the Service in relation to the Service use and shall not take
responsibility for any indirect, collateral, special, or consequential damages.
② The message notifications of the Service may be delayed or lost because of unstable Internet
networks or circumstances of telecommunications companies. The Company shall not take
responsibility for any damages incurred by the Users because of such cases.
③ The Company shall not take responsibility for the failure in the use of the Service or the damages

incurred by causes imputable to the Users such as the violation of this Agreement or the applicable
④ The Company shall not take responsibility for any damages incurred by the Users when it cannot
provide the Service because of force majeure or comparable uncontrollable force.

Article 10 (Limitation on or Discontinuation of the Service)
① The Company may limit or discontinue the Service in part or whole in any of the following cases:
1. System inspection, expansion, maintenance, and replacement;
2. When the normal Service use is impeded because of blackout, faulty equipment, or surge in the
usage traffic;
3. When the Company discontinues the Service based on its managerial decision on cases such as
aggravated business profitability;
4. When the Users do not pay Service charges (when the Service is changed to a paid service);
5. When there are unavoidable causes such as discontinuation of telecommunications service by a
key telecommunications business under the Telecommunications Business Act; and
6. When the Users violate their obligations specified herein.
② The Company shall not compensate the Users for any partial or total modification, discontinuation,
or changes of the Service that is provided free of charge, unless otherwise specified in the applicable

Article 11 (Cancellation of the Service)
① Any user that wants to cancel the Service may do so using the Service’s setting menu.
② When an existing User moves to another place without initializing or canceling the Service, the
Company may cancel the Service without the consent of the User and shall not take responsibility for
any damages incurred by the User before the initialization or cancellation.
③ When a User violates the obligations specified herein, the Company may cancel this Agreement.
④ When the Service is canceled, the existing data of the User shall be deleted in a batch after a
certain period under the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 12 (Obligations of the Company)
The Company shall exert efforts to stably provide the Service in accordance with the provisions
hereof and of the applicable laws.
When the Company is notified that its User cannot use the Service, it shall take the appropriate
actions to resume the Service.
③ The Company shall not disclose or distribute the personal information of the Users that is known to

the Company in relation to the Service provision to any third parties without the consent of the Users.
However, this provision shall not apply to cases where the applicable authorities demand such
information through the legal procedures under the applicable laws.
④ The Company may collect User information in accordance with the scope of information that can be
collected and the purpose of the utilization of information that is specified in its Policy for Protecting
Personal Information.

Article 13 (Obligations of the Users)
① The Users shall not use the Services for any purposes other than for Smart Home Service.
② The Users shall install Internet lines, as necessary, and manage them for normal operation at their
own expenses so that they can use the Service.
③ Using the Service requires access or connection of a device to a mobile network or the Internet.
The Users shall be responsible for paying any cost that they may incur in accessing or connecting a
device to a mobile network or the Internet as they use the Service.
④ When a User changes the location or the usage environment of the device or the Internet line that
is installed for using the Service, the User shall immediately inform the Company about it.