Policy for Processing Personal Information

Zigbang (hereinafter, the “Company”) has the following policy for processing personal information to protect the personal information and rights of the users under the Personal Information Protection Act and smoothly handle users’ concerns about their personal information.

This policy applies to sHOME Application service provided by the Company. Any changes in this policy will be announced through the public announcement menu in the Smart Home Application (or individual notice).

The company is not available to individuals under the age of 14, and in principle, the company does not collect personal information if they are under the age of 14.


1. Collection information for service delivery

The Company will process personal information for the following purposes, and processed personal information will not be used for any purposes other than the following. Moreover, prior consent will be sought in case of any changes in the purposes.

1) Compulsory

- Mobile phone number, email, password (“contact information”);

- Information on the installed product (network status, battery status, door lock open status, and firmware version);

- Service use records (Door in and out history etc.), hours of use, amount of use, and access log

- Recording made during customer consultation (“recorded information”)

2) voluntary

- Family Safety Service: Recipient name, Mobile phone number

3) Possession basis

  - Performance of contracts on service delivery

   : Member management (personal  identification, prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use of defective members, handling), customer complaints, etc

 - Processing of service subscription, change, warranty service, termination processing, etc

   : Delivery of goods(device, giveaway etc)

   : Service opening, fault handling, and quality improvement activities.

   : Handling complaints, checking service use grievances, and delivering notices

- Customer surveys and customer satisfaction surveys

- Duplicate subscription confirmation information shall be used in the identification 

  and certification procedure according to the use of the service

4) Retention and Use Period

The company destroys the collection information without delay to protect personal information in the following cases.

However, the Company will keep the information that should be kept under the applicable laws for the period specified by such laws.


5) Veto and disadvantage

 Users have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, if you do not agree to the collection/use of such personal information, it may be impossible to establish or maintain a transaction relationship.


2. Personal information provision to third parties

The Company provides the following personal information to third parties for a variety of services to users. If the Company needs to provide user’s personal information to a third party, the Company must notify the user in advance and get your consent

In principle, the company does not provide users' personal information to the outside world. 

However, the following cases are excluded.

1) When prescribed by the applicable laws, or when investigative authorities demand personal information to investigate in accordance with the procedures and methods specified by the applicable laws.

2)Users agree in advance